We work in a number of artistic disciplines but CGI is definitely our speciality. Unlike the majority of other studios CGI isn’t something we’ve adapted to, it’s been our key focus from the very beginning. We have over 20 years experience of working with CG and we are still completely enamoured by it.

We are a comparatively small team, with each of us equally obsessed by the technology, the innovations, advancements and most importantly of all the artistry that makes up the world of digital 3D imagery & animation. This obsession means that unlike other production studios we are individually capable of handling every aspect of the CG production process from start to finish. We can focus on a project as individuals or as a team, we never need to outsource and we always stay excited about what we’re creating.


There isn’t a still image or frame of animation we create that doesn’t feel the digital touch of the post-processing brush at some point in its production. It’s important to us that we create believable and visually appealing imagery and retouching plays a huge part in that goal.

As well as shooting in our own in-house studio, we’ve been extremely privileged to have worked with some truly superb photographers throughout the years.

It’s always exciting to collaborate on a concept that’s driven by
photography - we have a great deal of respect for the craft and it’s hugely rewarding to bring an extra level of creative flourish to the real world.



There are numerous quick-fixes and cheats to get a visualisation that’s ‘almost there’. The major difference in our approach is that we don’t use any of them. We’ve spent many years studying materials, lighting and traditional photography and we like to think this shows in our work.

Whether working with existing CAD data or creating objects from scratch, we pride ourselves on our methodical, photographic and realistic approach to product visualisation.